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The marketplace is dedicated to exchanging materials, supplies, gear, and consumables amongst Free Company members and friends. You can advertise your wares as well, but it's main purpose is provide a forum for craftsman and gatherers to trade supplies and raw materials amongst each other. Participation is strictly on a voluntary basis, and is simply an idea to help fellow craftsman.

To explain in a little more detail. This games crafting system is extremely dependent on materials provided by a myriad of different crafting classes other than the one you are leveling. For instance once a craftsman hits 15 Carpentry, he has a co-dependency on buying ingots from Armorers and Weaponsmiths, refined leather from Leatherworkers, and various trinkets and contraptions for ornamentation and refinery from Goldsmiths, and Weavers. In short, it will take a village to hit crafting caps early on, and we will more than likely need to rely on each other for filling orders to advance each other's crafts.

To go back to my initial example, let's consider the Carpenter who just hit 15. He now has to consume around 150 ingots to reach level 20, which he cannot buy from an NPC or craft himself. This sounds daunting, but other crafts also need his refined lumber to advance their crafts to 20. The market board can be unreliable, and often times your required item will not be available, especially if you plan on capping a craft early. However, if we can help each other out and communicate orders for supply and demand, we can effectively trade raw materials to each other to advance before the "bubble group" does, as we can work around auction house shortages.

If you choose to use this resource, make sure to include what you are selling or buying as well as the quantity in the topic title. Also include information on desired compensation, or items and services that you are willing to exchange for compensation. If this becomes a popular resource it may prove an invaluable tool for the free company to advance its crafts while helping each other out in the process.

Collectivism Ho!
A market to request craftsman commissions, and advertise your wares.
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