Hey Guys, Human Depravity LFM (a PvP thread)

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Hey Guys, Human Depravity LFM (a PvP thread)

Postby ii_Ascend » Mon Jun 02, 2014 5:10 pm

For those who don't already know.. PvP (or Player versus player), is arguably the most under-utilized aspect of FFXIV in its current state. However, for those who have been following patch notes for 2.3 or "Gold Saucer", PvP in the form of battlegrounds will soon be available to players. If you are familiar with other games such as World of Warcraft or Star Wars: the Old Republic you will remember that when the vanilla forms of the game came out it was similar to FFXIV in that PvP wasn't very common. Yet when the first expansion released (specifically Burning Crusade in this case), arena PvP became available and all of a sudden PvP flourished. It is under this assumption that I offer those willing to start PvPing now, the ability to be able to link up (in a new Linkshell that I hope to create), in order to combine <Nophica's Oath> and PvP together.

Now personally, having been familiarized in the realms of PvP in a multitude of MMOs',I consider myself a veteran and an individual who can offer assistance/tips to anyone looking to be introduced into the PvP field. With that being said I would love if people who are interested, semi-interested or just have questions to simply in-game message me (Human Depravity) expressing your thoughts and opinions regarding the future of <NO> within PvP. Thank you all and stay gaming!
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