Raid Week: 9/30 - 10/6

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Raid Week: 9/30 - 10/6

Postby Niclause » Thu Oct 03, 2013 9:25 pm

Please be considerate of others and log on during the times listed below. If you can't, please expect that you could possibly be replaced for someone who can.

Team Romance Novel
PLD: Foxer
PLD: Heyglide
WHM: Hubby
SCH: Soda
BRD: Niclause
BLM: Bun Bun
BRD: Fhen
BLM: Crio

Team Lucifer Morningwood Fanclub (Turn 2)
PLD: Chaotic
PLD: Duoneo
WHM: Kess
SCH: Quad
DRG: Tay
BRD: Tyyni
BRD: Snugglepuff
SMN: Syloes

Team Disapointment (Shooting for Thursday 10/3 6pst/9est) (Turn 2)
WAR: Luka
PLD: Adol
WHM: Cyn
SCH: Suraci>Woogie>Zill (if no sch shows)
DRG: Yokura
SMN: Da Bear
BRD: Steeze star
BLM: Silky

Reserves (because it's understandable certain people will be busy and unable to attend.)

PLD: Nagisa
PLD: Aestin Vaserion
WAR: Moonspeak
PLD: Bolvar
PLD: Felina
PLD: Gin

WHM: Auron
WHM: Meowzer
SCH: Magic Heals
WHM: Derwin
SCH: Snugglypuff puff*

SMN: Saltz Jaffar
SMN: Nofun
SMN: Da Bear
DRG: Aaralyn
BRD: Kib Kibek
BRD: Lord Beatrix*off hours?
MNK: Xigua

(If you are not on this list msg me or nic or another officer and we will put you on it, so long as you meet the minimum requirement of 2/5 body and all accessories DarkLight gear, and RELIC, plus 1 not required.)
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